The Story of a New York Mistre$$

Sleeping With Mortals:


 "In this funny, urban romp, sexual virtue is the dishonest roommate your mother never warned you about. Cathrine Goldstein's confessional humor is  addictive."

-Tracy Quan, bestselling author of: Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl

"At turns sexy, disquieting, funny, gritty and always absorbing, Sleeping With Mortals  is the kind of book you'll be thinking about well after you've finished the last paragraph."

-Kyra Davis, Bestselling author of : The Sophie Katz Mystery Series

"...We both chugged the illegal libation, suddenly aware I was approximately as far from Pampers as he was from Depends."

-SWM, P. 17

Sleeping with Mortals: The Story of a New York Mistress  is the tale of Victoria Messing who moves to New York City at the age of nineteen to fulfill her quest to become a career mistress and self-proclaimed gold-digger.

Blinded by her own ambition - or lack thereof - Victoria decides to conquer the world of men. After her breast augmentation surgery, she finds herself with newly inflated breasts and an ego to match. It is then that Victoria begins an affair with her married plastic surgeon a man twenty-four years her senior. Once she has a taste of this life there is no turning back. She soon deserts her doctor for an Italian multi-millionaire with an illicit business and a liking for rough sex, and then, reluctantly, she replaces him with an uber-wealthy garmento.

But she doesn't stop there. Victoria quickly trades in one man for the next; always looking for better cars, greater wealth, and the next god of Mount Olympus.